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H.R. 5 Medical Liability Ad
Legislation concerning one of the American Medical Association's top issues -- medical liability reform -- took an important step forward in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Energy and Commerce Committee passed H.R. 5, the HEALTH Act, by a vote of 30-20. The bill now moves to the Rules Committee and possible consideration on the House floor.

H.R. 5, the Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost Timely Health Care (HEALTH) Act, would institute a $250,000 cap on noneconomic damages in states without caps. However, state laws that provide for higher or lower damage caps on noneconomic damages would not be pre-empted.

Can Congress Pass Federal Tort Reform? (Video Stream)
Congressman Phil Gingrey, MD and Eli Y. Adashi, MD discuss federal tort reform.

House Judiciary Hearing Puts Medical Liability Reform Back in the Spotlight
The Health Coalition on Liability and Access (HCLA) testified today before the Committee on the Judiciary of the U.S. House of Representatives in a hearing titled, "Medical Liability Reform – Cutting Costs, Spurring Investment, Creating Jobs." Stuart L. Weinstein, MD, a spokesperson for the HCLA, called on the Congress to "create a climate for patient centered care by reforming a medical liability system that continues to put everyone's health care at risk."

Civil Wars
Doctors. Teachers. Coaches. Ministers. They all share a common fear: being sued on the job. Our litigation nation—and a plan to fix it.

Doctor Shortage in Kona Already At Crisis Level
A look at the health care crisis on the Big Island, the fastest growing county in our state.

Doctors push for medical liability reform
Hawaii's health care crisis continues to stretch our limited medical resources.

Even with malpractice insurance, doctors opt for expensive, defensive medicine
Most malpractice suits turn out to be against doctors who were not at fault.

Facing Hawaii's Healthcare Crisis
Since 2000, Hawaii’s hospitals have lost more than $200 million, according to Chuck Sted, Hawaii Pacific Health’s president and CEO.

HAWAII 9-1-1: Doctor shortage worse than originally reported
New figures from the University of Hawaii researchers show the state’s doctor shortage is worse than recently reported, with the state needing more physicians now and in the future.

Hawai'i losing doctors
Failing health of many private medical practices in Hawai'i is driving physicians out of the state, leaving patients with fewer choices of doctors, longer waits for appointments and delayed care.

Hawai'i losing its doctors
Rising medical malpractice insurance premiums and fears of lawsuits are taking their toll on the quality of healthcare in Hawai'i, particularly in orthopedics and obstetrics, where high costs are driving some doctors to quit.

Hawaii Medical Center files for bankruptcy protection
A nationwide trend of hospitals struggling to stay afloat hits home, as Hawaii Medical Center filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization.

Hawaii tort reform bill passes House
A measure to cap awards in medical malpractice lawsuits against doctors has advanced to the Hawaii Senate.

Hawaii Health Workforce Assessment
Hawaii Physician Workforce Summit.

HMA pushes for medical tort reform
Hawai'i's largest doctor organization is making an 11th-hour push to get medical liability laws changed this legislative session, arguing that so-called medical tort reform would help reduce malpractice claims and insurance premiums and attract more physicians to the state.

Isles' healthcare prescription includes tort reform
Anyone attempting to press for medical malpractice tort reform in this state faces an uphill battle, as Rep. Josh Green has discovered yet again.

Lawmakers hope for bi-partisan support of tort reform
A group of Hawaii lawmakers hopes to find a solution to the doctor shortage in our state. They met with physicians and a group called "Save Our Doctors" at the capitol Thursday afternoon.

Lawmakers look to tackle doctor shortage problem
A key lawmaker looks to help fix Hawaii's doctor shortage problem. With no relief in sight, lawmakers today looked at ways on how to tackle this issue this legislative session.

Medical Liability Reform Crisis 2008
The crisis of medical liability has resulted in drastic increases in insurance premiums and reduced access for patients to specialty care, particularly in areas such as obstetrics/gynecology, neurosurgery, and orthopaedic surgery.

Physicians struggle to survive doctor shortage
Doctor Raymond Fodor has a problem not found on any X-ray. It's in his business's bottom line.

Priority shift needed to fix healthcare crisis
Add my name to the growing list of orthopedic surgeons leaving Hawai'i. Here is the story that you need to hear: We are in a healthcare crisis.

Shortage on Big Isle seen at crisis stage
Of all the neighbor isles, the Big Island is experiencing the greatest population increase, making the doctor shortage there most acute.

Trauma Care in Critical Stage
Coverage of Hawaii's health care crisis continues with a look at The Queen's Medical Center, the only hospital in the state that takes in critically ill and injured patients.

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Boosting number of doctors in Hawaii is critical need

Aug 8, 2011

More than half of liability claims in Massachusetts end up being dropped Attorneys find their cases are weaker than they first believed as lawsuits proceed, analysis shows.

June 22, 2011

Lack of funding could hamper effort to attract doctors

May 11, 2011

Save Our Doctors Hawaii featured on American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Website

October 5, 2010

AMA Responds to IOM Report on Future of Nursing

Physician-led team approach to care helps ensure high quality patient care and value for health care spending.

October 4, 2010

Say NO to Government Subsidies For Frivolous Litigation

Taxes are a major topic of debate in Washington right now. Faced with a massive federal deficit, some politicians have proposed raising taxes on individuals and businesses, despite the obvious negative effects of tax increases on economic growth and job creation.

June 28, 2010

Summit focuses on Hawaii doctor shortage

Hawaii has approximately 20 percent fewer doctors than it should have when compared to national physician-to-population ratios

JULY 29, 2009

Injured Workers Denied Access to Decent Medical Care

October 13, 2008

Save Our Doctors formed to address state doctor shortage

The doctor shortage in Hawaii continues to worsen, on the neighbor islands and even on Oahu. A newly formed organization called "Save Our Doctors" is now working to reverse this dangerous trend.