save our doctors quiz

Test your knowledge by answering these questions

1. Which solution to the physician shortage would cost taxpayers nothing?

2. In America, what is the cost of “defensive medicine” (doing unnecessary tests to avoid lawsuits)?

3. On average, how much of a patient’s settlement money does the lawyer take in a medical malpractice case?

4. What is the cost of the current medical malpractice system for each American family/year?

5. How many years does it take, on average, for a malpractice case to go to trial?

6. According to a recent UH medical school study, how many physicians are we short in Hawaii?

7. What percentage of malpractice lawsuits are found to be without merit (no mistake occurred)?

8. On Oahu’s North Shore, how many physicians are delivering babies?

9. In Hawaii, what percentage of ob/gyn physicians plan to stop delivering babies due to concerns of being sued?

10. In the past 10 years, how many orthopedic surgeons have stopped volunteering to be on call at Queens Hospital?

did you know?

patient access to healthcare in hawaii is in crisis and growing worse every year?

Limited access to care has resulted in loss of life and limb. Delays in diagnoses result in more serious illnesses. Delays in treatment result in complications and extended recovery times. All of which frequently result in escalated and unreimbursed medical expenses.